Corporate Transactions

Jalali Law, APC can assist you with getting your business started by advising you on business structure, labor and employment law, compliance guidelines, and a multitude of other start up decisions you need to consider. We also assist our clients with all essential governing documents they require to operate their business. Some examples of areas our firm provides assistance with include:

Entity Formation: Jalali Law APC aids clients establish various business structures such as corporations, partnerships, limited liability companies, non-profit organizations and other entities. 

Governing Documents: Jalali Law APC aids in preparation of the governing documents that safeguard legal formalities by defining the rules of governance and establishing the rights of interest holders for all forms of business entities. Such Agreements include, without limitation:

Start Ups: Jalali Law APC helps start-ups in a variety of ways, from general business organization, management, employment agreements, licensing applications, to general set up and operations, Jalali Law APC is involved with many aspects of its clients businesses. Without limitation, Jalali Law APC helps start-ups with the following matters: